Luxury Coliving in the Serbian Countryside (My Review of Mokrin House)

Shortly after arriving in Belgrade, my Serbian friend and fellow nomad, Serge put me in touch with Ivan from Mokrin House.

Mokrin House (or just Mokrin, as I will refer to it in the rest of this article) is a coliving and coworking space tucked away in the quiet town of Mokrin in North-East Serbia.

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I'll be completely honest. I did check out the website for Mokrin House before coming to Serbia and it didn't seem like the place for me.

As someone who is more passionate about community than living in luxury, it seems like the place lacked a little 'soul'.

Soon after arriving at Mokrin however, I realised how wrong I was....

First Impressions

Suddenly, on an average residential street in northern Serbia, we took a right turn and there it was.

I was lucky enough to hitch a ride with Ivan, the Project Director of Mokrin from Belgrade as he was also in the capital, doing an interview for television.

He took me all the way from Belgrade to Mokrin (a journey of around 2-3 hours), where the house stood on just an average residential street in the small Serbian town, totally blended in with it's surroundings.

I began to meet the staff and get the tour of compound. Everyone was very welcoming and I felt right at home.

The facilities were very clean and modern but of course, I expected that. What I didn't necessarily expect was the hospitality.

Vlad, another staff member at Mokrin, took my bag to my room before handing me a cold beer and preparing the outside table for dinner. I spent the night enjoying a lovely meal and talking with Ivan and Tamara (another staff member at Mokrin).

Day 2 (A Perfect Productive Saturday)

I slept in until 10:30am before filling out my business spreadsheet (today was July 1st) and heading over to the coworking space to finish up a bit of overflow work from the week.

As I mentioned on Facebook (above), working on a Saturday wasn't the ideal situation but it felt like Mokrin was the perfect place to do it.

Apart from the small inconvenience of the flies that hung around me, I felt a calming sense of productivity as I finished off my work.

Soon enough, it was time of lunch and again, I was blessed with another delicious meal, but more importantly, another set of interesting conversations with Cedric Dahl, a fellow guest of the house and staff, Ivan and Tamara.

After finishing lunch, the tagline 'Mokrin House of Ideas' made a lot of sense to me and I remembered just how nice it was to have a conversation about some of the more cutting edge advances in the world of tech, rather than the usual, 'Where are you from / Where have you traveled to?' dialogue that I'm used to.

That night I would head out to the nearest 'big town', Kikinda for a few beers with more of the Mokrin staff members. I had a lovely - but shortlived -  time at the bar, before getting driven home.

Day 3 (The Final Day)

To add in some variety, I decided to finish my work day early - it was a Sunday Ok! - go for a bike ride around town and cool off in the pool.

I learned quickly during my exploration of the town surrounding Mokrin House that we were in a very quiet area of Serbia. The town square for example, was so small and empty that I had to verify its identity with Vlad later in the day.

With not much to see outside the compound, I came back to Mokrin and had a swim in the bio-pool before having a final meal with Cedric and heading off to catch the bus home to Belgrade.

Final Thoughts

Mokrin House was my first taste of a proper coliving space and now I'm hooked on the idea.

Until Mokrin, I didn't quite understand the value a space like this but now my view is that if you can combine a highly productive workspace with comfortable living and interesting members, then you've created something special.

I'll admit that during my stay at Mokrin, there was only one other guest but despite the lack of occupancy, I still had a great experience with the staff and Cedric who all made me feel very much at home.

While my review of Mokrin may seem overly positive, remember that places like Mokrin and people like Cedric and staff at Mokrin are the core reason that I'm as passionate about the 'Digital Nomad Movement' as I am.

Spaces like Mokrin House allow smart people to come together, live together, share ideas and get work done and that's why Mokrin is now on my list of top nomad destinations.

Any questions? Let me know in the comments below.

Until next time,