Where to Work Out in Chiang Mai - The Top 10 Gyms

Ok, I admit it. I'm not the biggest gym junkie. In fact, I've been seriously neglecting my fitness since being in Chiang Mai.

The truth is that I haven't been working out since you caught me running around the old city and training with my client Maxence at his apartment gym in my second Chiang Mai vlog.

But, since you guys asked, I've just spent the entire day riding around Chiang Mai, checking out every gym that I could find online and taking notes - you're welcome!

Here are the top 10 Gyms in Chiang Mai that I've found in Chiang Mai.

1. Strong Gym

Strong Gym Chiang Mai

Central Kad Suan Kaew Shopping Mall

I'll start with Strong Gym as it's actually the only gym that I've actually worked out in in Chiang Mai (apart from the gym at The Siri).

The reason why I chose Strong Gym is that it is one of the cheapest gyms in the Nimman area. With their daily rate of 70 baht ($1.98 USD), I never bothered to ever get a monthly pass.

Situated conveniently within the Kad Suan Kaew Shopping Mall, this gym is a little hit-or-miss. A lot of the equipment is actually broken with no sign of any repairs but hey! For 70 baht, can you really complain? It does have a protein bar though where you can get an easy whey shake for only 30 baht ($0.85 USD) though.

Prices: 70 baht per day | 990 baht per month | 1,890 baht per 3 months | 3,500 baht per 6 months | 5,490 baht per year

Opening Hours: 10am to 10pm each day

2. Gold Hillside Gym

Hillside Gold Gym

Hillside Plaza, Huay Kaew Road

The second on my list is the gym that my good friend Felipe works out of and I must say, after looking at the prices, I can definitely see a winner here.

It's roughly the same price as Strong Gym but much more modern and overall, just nicer. Out of all the gyms I checked out today, this is the one I would work out at if I was getting back into it.

Prices: 70 baht per day | 1,000 baht per month | 2,200 baht per 3 months | 3,800 baht per 6 months | 6,500 per year

Opening Hours: 10am to 10pm

3. Go Gym

Go Gym Chiang Mai

Chiangmai-lumpang Road Changphueak

Go gym appears to be the ultimate gym for gym junkies. The building is a massive cage with everything from a protein bar to a boxing ring.

For me, as someone without a bike, it's unfortunately just a little too far out of Nimman but if you have a motorbike and want the ultimate bodybuilding gym, this is where I'd recommend.

Prices: 60 baht per day | 900 baht per month | 2,000 baht per 3 months | 3,500 baht per 6 months | 5,900 baht per year

Opening Hours: 8am to midnight (according to Facebook page)

4. MAXX Fitness

MAXX Fitness Chiang Mai

Top Floor of Maya Mall

This is the ultimate premium gym in Chiang Mai. Situated in the Maya Mall, MAXX Fitness is by far the most expensive gym in the city but according to their staff it's also 'the best gym in Chiang Mai'.

This is one of those full service gyms where a membership entitles you to access classes at different times per day within three fitness studios that roughly make up the same size as the training floor itself.

If you're into group classes and aerobics, you may wanna check this place out but for regular training, I'd say the price is just not worth it.

Prices: 428 baht per day | 2,999 baht per month | 8,999 baht per 3 months, 14,999 baht per 6 months, 20,999 baht per 1 year (Joining Fee may apply)

Opening Hours: 8am to 11pm

5. Fitness Thailand

Fitness Thailand Chiang Mai
Photo courtesy of Fitness Thailand

Behind Computer Plazza, Hasadisewe Road

Situated just outside of Nimman, across from the North-West corner of old town, this gym is a bit of a old-school thai gym.

The place is humungous, spread out over two levels with a massive yoga room and training floor but I wasn't necessarily impressed. The location is just a little too far out of Nimman and the prices seem a little much compared to the previous gyms on this list.

Prices: 200 baht per day | 1,900 baht per day | 5,500 baht per month | 5,500 baht per 3 months | 8,000 baht per 6 months | 10,500 baht per year

Opening Hours: 8am to 9pm Mon-Fri | 9am to 9pm Sat - Sun

6. Powerhouse Gym

Powerhouse Gym Chiang Mai

Nimmana Haeminda Road Soi 6

I can't say I was either impressed or disappointed by this gym. Maybe it's the fact that I had seen 5 other gyms today and this one just didn't stand out at all.

It does have a convenient location for nomads though, situated just off Nimman Haemin Road and it's the only gym on the list to open at the early time of 6am. Pretty good if you're an early riser!

Prices: 428 baht per day | 1,300 baht per week | 2,800 baht per month | 6,500 baht per 3 months | 9,000 baht per 6 months | 10-50 visit passes available as well for between 2,700 and 8,000 baht

Opening hours: 6 am to 9pm Mon - Fri | Saturday: 8am to 8pm | Sunday: 1-8pm

7. Kantary Hills Hotel Gym

Kantary Hills Chiang Mai

Nimmana Haeminda Road Lane 12

Kudos to Johnny FD because if it wasn't for reading his article on Chiang Mai Gyms from 2 years ago, I would have never guessed that this hotel gym was available for the general public.

The gym is what you'd expect from a hotel gym, clean, modern but small and basic. If you're living nearby and are gonna be in Chiang Mai for a while, you may wanna check this one out. Keep in mind that minimum membership term is 3 months.

Prices: 6,000 baht per 3 months (10,500 baht for a couple) | 19,000 baht for 1 year (33,000 baht for a couple)

Opening Hours: 8am to 8pm each day

8. Power Up Gym

Power Up Gym Chiang Mai

Santisuk Rd, Amphoe Mueang

Another gym that sits just outside of Nimman, about a quarter of the way between Huay Kaew road and the area around Go Gym and Crossfit Chiang Mai.

It's a small single room and ideal if you live closer to Santitham than Nimman.

Prices: 80 baht per day | 1,200 baht per month | 2,700 baht per 3 months | 5,000 baht per 6 months | 9,000 baht per year

Opening Hours: 9am to Midnight

9. Playground Innovative Fitness

Playground Innovative Fitness

Sailom Soi Road, Suthep

Playground Innovative Fitness is not your standard gym. Similar to Crossfit, the head coach, Shaw has created a space to compliment his style of training. If you've had it with weight training and you're interested in group classes. You may choose to work out at Playground instead.

The only problem with Playground however, is the location. Situated near Suan Dok on opposite the corner of Nimman road and Suthep Road, it's a little bit far out for me but for those with a bike, it should be fine.

Prices: 290 baht per class | 3,200 baht per month | 8,400 baht per 3 months | 10-30 class passes available from 2,400 to 6,500 baht

Opening Hours: 9:15 am to 8:45 pm (private training only)

10. Crossfit Chiang Mai

Crossfit Chiang Mai

Chiangmai-lumpang Road Changphueak

Again, not a standard gym but if you're familiar with Crossfit, you should know what it's all about.

Crossfit Chiang Mai is probably the most popular place for nomads to work out in Chiang Mai. Each time I hang out with my friend Riley, he bumps into new people who he knows from Crossfit.

I've never tried it myself but I know that Crossfit is wildly popular all around the world and it's a great alternative to training by yourself.

Prices: 2,700 baht per month | 7,500 baht per 3 months | 500 baht drop in rate available for experienced cross fitters only

Opening Hours: 6:30am to 7pm

Thanks for reading and I'll see you on the next article!

Until next time