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I’ve set up this page to answer many of your questions about what we use to live and work remotely as Digital Nomads.

Everything on this page, we (ie my girlfriend and I) personally use and pay for. I will never recommend anything that I don’t think is valuable, the only thing I ask is if you’re going to sign up for it anyways, please use my links so I can get credit for referring you.

I also suggest you bookmark this page and revisit every now and then as I will continue to update this page with new recommendations as I find them.

Business Tools


UpWork is a freelance marketplace where I find the majority of my freelance work. It's also the first place I turn to whenever I'm looking at hiring other freelancers.

Elegant Themes

Elegant Themes is a premium Wordpress theme provider with which I'm subscribed to. Their Divi theme is my go-to when building client websites due to it's easy visual builder tool.


I’m very happy with the quality and service of this Perth-based hosting provider. Now that I have a reseller account, I simply open a new account each time I try out a new website and doesn’t cost me any extra.

Travel Tools


Denise and I use Tripadvisor whenever we're looking for accomodation or things to do in any city. As the most trusted source of reviews, we use it to make sure anywhere where we stay has positive reviews on Tripadvisor

Let's face it. AirBnB has gotten more expensive so Denise and I now turn to as our first choice for finding the best deals on accomodation


Agoda is another booking site we use as an alternative to Both are quite similar but differ sometimes on the deals available.


Although it's not as crazy cheap as it once was, AirBnB is still our #1 choice for longer-term stays or when we want to rent out an apartment instead of a hotel.


The world's most famous ride-sharing app. We use Uber virtually everywhere as an alternative to Taxis


Our go-to alternative to Uber while in Asia. Grab is a similar app where the prices are instead quoted up-front and paid in cash.

My Free Guides



For those of you who are familar with my learning to code journey, you'll know that Lynda was the first place I started learning PHP and Ruby. It's a massive training library that's owned now by LinkedIn


Udemy is a massive online course marketplace that I use to find courses on any number of topics. (Courses I've taken on Udemy are mentioned below)


Treehouse is the website I recommend for learning to code. The library is growing constantly and they have learning paths for every developer career from web to mobile apps.


Lynda Courses

Udemy Courses



4 Hour Work Week

The 4 Hour Work Week

This book is an absolute must-read for anyone considering the digital nomad lifestyle. No book has inspired more digital nomads than this one book and although written in 2007, this book has opened up a lot of people’s mind to the possibility of what many consider the new way of doing business.

4 Hour Work Week

Life Changes Quick

The squel to '12 Weeks in Thailand' and a book which I found very relevant for living a location independent lifestyle specifically in Thailand. I enjoyed reading Johnny's open and frank discussion about how he got started in online business.

4 Hour Work Week

How I Learned to Code

Of course, I recommend my own book ‘How I Learned to Code‘ to anyone considering a career in Web Development. It’s the story of my 11 month journey from taking my first Ruby on Rails course to working remotely in Bali. Within, I also share my best advice for following a similar path.

Travel Gear

Vlogging/Video Gear

Other than that...

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Thanks and best of luck!

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