17: Saigon (Ho Chi Minh City) for Digital Nomads and Goodbye for Now with Denise Lazaroo

After one month as Digital Nomads in Ho Chi Minh City, Denise and I discuss our experience in the city and recap the first season of the Chris the Freelancer podcast.

To read my full evaluation of our time in Ho Chi Minh City including Cost of Living and Coworking reports, check out my blog post.

Talking Points

[1:46] Cost of Living for short-term nomads in Saigon and our experience renting in District 1
[4:31] Vietnamese cuisine and eating out
[9:58] Getting around in Ho Chi Minh City with Uber and Grab vs hiring a moped
[15:58] Coworking in Saigon including Dreamplex, WORK Saigon and Nest by AIA
[20:01] My search for the digital nomad community in Saigon, a discussion on the digital nomad mentality and the reason why I’m so passionate about the movement
[28:01] Final words on Saigon
[30:32] Closing words on the Chris the Freelancer podcast and a goodbye for now

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  1. Chris,
    I listened to your podcast for the first time today and it happened to be your LAST podcast (for now)! Here’s my 2cents…

    I devour podcasts. I have listened to them for years. I do a lot of driving and, because of podcasts, I’m able to entertain and educate myself when I wouldn’t otherwise have the time to do so. I can appreciate that you’re a busy guy and feel you can’t quite find the time to keep up on the podcasts every week. But let me say this: I think you’re being too hard on yourself and maybe a little “strict” when it comes to your format.

    In my experience (as a listener) I’ve found that you don’t always need to interview someone for a podcast. Take your VLOGs, you’re basically video podcasting your experience and what you’re learning as you pursue the Digital Nomad lifestyle. There’s no reason why you cannot do this as a podcast as well. Especially…

    …when you have Denise as your co-host! I also listened to your interview of Steph Danforth and feel that a woman’s perspective is important to many of your listeners (or future listeners.) My wife is pursuing the lifestyle of a Digital Nomad with me AND with almost MORE voracity! (I think) she enjoys watching you and Nick (Danforth) just to see what Denise and Steph are up to. So, having Denise on the podcast every week to bounce off what you’ve each learned as you continue along this path is probably what your podcast is missing.

    Hearing of your (and Denise’s) experiences, successes and failures is just as meaningful as any other “successful” Digital Nomads you may interview. I’m ready for Season 2! Thanks for your inspiration. See you out there!

    1. Thanks so much for the feedback Scott. I admit that the podcast does take up a lot of time but if I do start it up again, I will definitely keep your tips in mind. 🙂

  2. Ok, i addimit , i havent heard the podcast yet, i just commented because of the intro xP, but i started listening now. nice to see denise participating on the podcast, very cool

  3. Hey Chris – just listened to your podcast for the first time today – LOVE it, including this final episode of season 1 – I hope there’s a second season, I’ll be listening. I found it especially useful to hear Denise’s perspective too. It’s good to get differing opinions and hear about the things that don’t work out so well, as well as the stuff you love. I’m just at the start of my digital nomad journey – making a plan for earning enough as a freelance (something) to live and work from places much warmer than the UK! Koh Lanta really appeals so I think I may start there. Your website and YouTube look like a treasure-trove of just the sort of info I’m looking for – I’ll be digging in later 🙂 Thanks for doing this Chris – it’s valuable work – and I’ve done enough to appreciate how much effort goes in to it.

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