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If you’ve been listening to the podcast for a while, you’ll have noticed a very particular format. Each week, I’ve been interviewing a new digital nomad guest but now things are gonna change. To explain what I mean, I’ve got to tell you a short story about this podcast.

A few months back when I decided to launch this podcast, I had met a bunch of nomads so far on my journey who I felt had interesting stories to share. Stories that could inspire you to take action and experiences to learn from. From listening to other podcasts as a newbie, I was frustrated at how little time the guest and host would talk about the journey which lead them to location independence so in my own podcast, I decided to make the journey the centrepiece.

The reason I’m telling you all of this is because something needs to change. Ever since I started the podcast, I’ve become increasingly busier and my list of guests who fit my specific criteria has gotten smaller. The podcast takes me a long time to edit but at the same time, the audience growth has virtually been zero.

Honestly, I was considering shutting down the podcast all together but in the end, I simply couldn’t do it as I know that some of you guys probably get a bunch of value from it. So here’s what I’m going to do:

1. I’m opening up the format.

This doesn’t mean that the podcast won’t be about location independence anymore or that we won’t have digital nomads on the show. It just means that I need to be flexible with it. Instead of this particular format that I made up arbitrarily, I want to understand more about what you guys are after and make podcasts based off of that.

I’ve realised that I got the strategy wrong with podcasting. Unlike YouTube where I get instant feedback on each video with which I can use to improve each time, I don’t do any of that on my podcast. So here is my first call to action. Please, please. If you want me to keep making this podcast, go to the show notes and leave a comment letting me know what you want to hear. This will be something that I do on each episode from now on. Even if you wanna just say that you liked it or hated it. I appreciate any feedback you can provide me.

2. I want your feedback

So. Here’s the deal. If this podcast is going to work, I need it to be more interactive. If you like the show, please, please, leave a comment below. Coming up on the podcast we have some new episodes I recorded in Koh Phangan but after that, I’m open to your suggestions.

Thanks so much for your support. I will see you on the next episode of the Chris the Freelancer podcast.

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  1. I have listened to all of your podcasts over the last few days, after finding your YouTube channel.

    I’m a avid podcast listener in general and although the interviews are interesting, i would prefer a broader scope on topics and maybe have episodes on certain aspects of freelancing.

    Digital nomad workflow . working in a remote teams how we do it slack / trello / Skype / time tracking for hourly jobs. How to price your time… What’s it worth?

    Strategies on managing clients, freelance contracts dealing with customers not paying. .

    Pros and cons of upwork type sites vs approaching / cold calling clients.
    Referrals etc

    Travel destinations that aren’t CM…(yeah it’s great we know)
    I know you are in the CM bubble but it’s a big world with many possibility. Rv / van roadtrip / sailing round the world etc.

    I cringe at the buy my *snake oil* course type topics some guests are peddling. Selling the dream but delivering very little.

    P.S I’m big fan of the cortex podcast they discuss self employment, time management. Workflow apps tools etc as well as being honest what they struggle with and how the want to improve etc… definatly worth a listen for inspiration.

  2. Hey Chris,

    I’ve been following your podcast since you started. I really enjoyed it so far, especially since you and guests are your show are in the 20-somethings age bracket. Don’t think I’ve come across a podcast that catered to my age group. Some topics you could talk about on your show:
    -Focus more on the social life of the nomad lifestyle (ex. things to do when not working)
    -How/When to file taxes while living out of your home country
    -Things to do in other popular cities and the hidden gems in Thailand other than Chiang Mai
    -The negative sides of being a digital nomad and you can share ways to overcome them (ex-homesickness, meeting friends (local or other nomads), dealing with time zone differences when working with a client from a country in a different time zone, not getting paid on time)
    -How to prepare for moving abroad (what to pack, what to do with you home bank account, cell phone, outlet adaptor, things you wish you brought with you since moving to SE Asia)

    Hope to you continue recording episodes!

  3. Love your podcast and YouTube channel!

    I’d be interested in interviews with owners of remote businesses that are not dropshipping, freelancing, affiliate marketing or digital nomad info products. These are interesting but there’s so much out there already.

    I’d appreciate a focus on the business side, i.e. internal business structure, team collaboration, customer acquisition, customer service, remote team challenges, team culture.

    Thanks for your great work! Keep it up!

  4. Solution is to upload the podcasts onto YouTube like JohnnyFD does, then you can get feedback and also grow your YT channel. The problem with podcasts streamed from a website like this is that there is a barrier to interaction.

  5. Hey Chris, I agree with a lot of what Jay had to say. A bigger scope for the podcast would serve it well. I really like your podcast, but it seems to be getting a little repetitive for me. I think it’s interesting to hear what other people do for work and all … but I could really care less about all the details of drop shipping for example. But for the part of your audience that has got a job or career that doesn’t allow them to work remotely, I can see why that part of your show would be interesting to them. I’m more interested in all the logistics of the digital nomad lifestyle outside of what people do for work and all the challenges that come with it. Like researching what’s required of living in various countries, obtaining visas, learning the language, traveling with a dog, finding love while being a nomad, different places other then south eastern Asia, etc. I’m personally really interested in all the best places to work in South and Central America. It would be way easier for me to work in a closer time zone to United States. Overall, great podcast, and like I said, I agree with a lot of what Jay had to say. One day, I’ll make it to Thailand….just gotta convince my work to let me work in an opposite time zone. haha

  6. Hey Chris!

    I have been following your journey on youtube and I’ve also been listening to your podcast since the start. Your videos and podcast are great and a true inspiration.

    Don’t give up on the podcast, I think the format is spot on and quite unique. I actually like the fact that you get into the details with your guests. Just keep it going, being ‘niche’ is good, you can open the format/theme a little bit but don’t make it too generic, otherwise it will not appeal to your followers anymore. Would love you to have someone on the show that is a digital nomad but doesn’t live in Thailand or Asia. Someone that works remotely for other reasons than travelling.

    Anyway, keep going mate, your videos/podcast are great!

  7. Rails developer here with dreams of traveling. Appreciate the podcast and really enjoy it. Found you through Riley Bennet who I found through Johnny FD of course. Then I found Nick Danforth through you :). So thanks.

    Obviously I enjoy the dev oriented casts, though all of them are great. I’d also like to hear about people’s experiences in other countries in Asia, like Vietnam or Taiwan. I like all of Nicole’s suggestions too, particularly the downsides of this lifestyle – for example, you must get sick / food poisoning more often now, right? And does the heat get to you?

    Oh and just became your first Patreon supporter … hope to give more if I ever get one of those high paying dev jobs 🙂 (bit conflicted on whether to try to do that, or travel).

  8. Hi Chris,

    I agree with you on creating content focussed around the journey of nomads. It is very much needed to inspire other guys.

    You have got a lot of suggestions. Let me add one humbly.
    “Get Video Interviews”

    The audience who loves videos go to Youtube like visual content. On this particular channel, only audio is available. I guess a live interview will go very far compared to simply audio.

    Please keep creating this kind of contents. It helps a lot to beginners on the path to digital nomad.

    Thanks Chris! Wish you luck!

  9. Hey Chris, I really love the format you’ve been using from the start. The stories of successful nomads are so inspirational. I have been strugling with my stuff for over a year. It’s not easy and listening to the stories of people who made it is absolutely motivational.

    I would welcome if you can get more people who are still struggling and not successful yet. Just to show everyone that there is no such thing as overnight success, that everyone needs to work very hard to be successful. I really hate all this buzz about being a digital nomad and you have very good chance to show the real side. Not just explaining the pros and cons (which btw you already did and it helped a lot) but introducing the stories of real people who are still in progress. I understand that there are probably not many of them in Chaing Mai but I also believe not everyone in CM is super successful.

    Hope this helps a little. Please, continue with your podcast, you seriously make my days.

    1. No worries Igor. I have that idea in mind for future but as you can imagine, it’s a little harder to find people who want to share their story of struggle without success. Thanks for the comment.

  10. Hi Chris, I found you on YouTube and love your videos. I started listening to your podcast recently and love it too! I’m a different and growing demographic than the majority of your audience. I’m 52 years old, married for 27 years, my husband is 58 and we have two grown special needs children living at home. Our daughter is 23 and returning to college in the Fall. Our 17-year old son has high functioning autism and has one more year of high school. Both our kids are still finding their path and (hopefully) will continue to live with us for a few more years. Our wee townhouse in the city is paid off and we have an off-the-grid tiny-house in the country with no mortgage. The bank calls us property rich and cash poor. Both my husband’s and my career changed drastically over recent years due to the global economic shift since 2008. Our trajectory had us retiring at age 65 with a modest pension and savings. However, that all changed when our jobs changed and we both took major salary cuts and lost our pension. My husband is more panicky than I am. I look at this as an opportunity to be on the ground floor of The New Economy. I currently work from home teaching online and in art galleries. My income took a massive hit, but now I’m doing things that I love to do! My husband doesn’t understand that yet. It’s very likely that he’ll be unemployed before 65, so I’ve been encouraging him to learn a new skill so we can become digital nomads in a couple of years. Even though we don’t have debt, we still have bills (land taxes, condo fees, power, phones, gas, etc.,.). It would be awesome if our kids could just take over those bills in a couple of years and live in our townhouse while my husband and I drive North America in a caravan or travel trailer. I think you will soon see more near-retired people, like myself, entering the digital nomad life. Keep up the excellent work! We hear you! XOXO Sandra

    1. Wow. That’s great Sandra. I’m glad you’re open to exploring new opportunities. Let me know if there’s anything I can do to help.

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