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If you’re looking to…

  • Generate organic traffic through YouTube
  • Create content that ranks above your competitors on the two biggest search engines, Google & YouTube
  • Become a leader in your particular niche
  • or simply just want to hire a content creator with a proven track record

…then you’ve come to right place.

I’m Christopher R Dodd

Christopher R Dodd
This is me, Christopher R Dodd (aka Chris the Freelancer)

I’m a online content creator with a passion for location independence.

In January 2016, I started my YouTube channel which has generated over 340,000 views and 10,000 subscribers in its first 10 months, positioning me as one of the top content creators in my niche.

After one month of the channel, I created this blog to create extra content more suited towards the medium of text.

A Web Developer by profession, I have a strong technical understanding of the web (including WordPress, on which this website is built) and have supplemented my skills with knowledge of SEO, PPC Advertising, Video Marketing & Analytics.

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