Thanks for your interest in my coaching.

I decided to set up this link as an intention to look into offering coaching to those seeking a location independent lifestyle but at this time, I am sorry to say that I do not offer this kind of service.

I hope that my content (both free and premium) provides you guidance and I’m sorry for the inconvenience.

Best of luck,



Free presentation: how you can finally escape the 9 to 5 and live a life of freedom.



You’ve watched some of my videos, read some of my blog posts and/or listened to a few of my podcasts….

Are you now ready to take action?

I’m going to be honest with you. When I decided to open up my schedule for coaching calls, most of the bookings I got were from complete time-wasters.

After I discovered that most people were not showing up at the agreed time, I decided to take down the link to my booking system and stopped promoting my coaching altogether but, the requests for coaching kept coming through.

I thought about it for a while and decided that I still want to help those who are serious about making a change in their life. The problem is: between my full-time job and the time it takes to create all the content on this website, I don’t have a lot of time.

That being said, I want to do my best to make myself available to those who could truly use my help.

My coaching is for people who… My coaching is NOT for people who…
  • are determined to achieve location independence
  • are respectful and willing to follow advice
  • want specific business advice (I’m not positioning myself as a business coach – yet)
  • think that they don’t have to put in any work to be successful


Something else I should mention is that my time isn’t free. My rate is $100 USD per hour and that is for time spent over the phone. Please DO NOT use this form to send me coaching questions via email.

That being said, if you have any questions related to any of my videos, podcast episodes or blog posts, please post your question on the related page (either on this website or on YouTube). I do my best to answer your questions on both my free and paid content.

If you’re still interesting in getting 1-on-1 coaching with me, please use the form below to introduce yourself and what you would like to me help with.

Sounds good? Get in contact below

Serious applicants only

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