Welcome to the Digital Nomad Movement

In early 2015, I discovered something called the Digital Nomad Movement. Each day, more and more people were becoming aware that they no longer had to be restricted to any one location and that day in January, I became one of them.

Less than 12 months later, I left Australia on my own digital nomad journey towards true Location Independence.

So what is the Digital Nomad Movement?

Digital nomads are individuals who leverage telecommunications technologies to perform their work duties, and more generally conduct their lifestyle in a nomadic manner.” Wikipedia (2015)

Put simply, a Digital Nomad is anyone who uses their digital abilities to work from anywhere and everywhere.

This movement is seeing thousands of digital workers moving overseas and living anywhere they like. As technology advances, so does the general populations ability to work online, needing only a laptop and some WiFi to do their job.

With employers now clueing on to the advantages of distributed teams, the definition of a digital nomad has expanded past lifestyle entrepreneurs to include employees, freelancers and creatives.

Chris the Freelancer

This is where I come in.

When I begun my digital nomad journey, I quickly realised that the movement was larger than I previously thought and that much of the movement was not being reported on or talked about. That’s when I decided to turn this website into a resource for others looking to go on their own digital nomad journey or simply achieve more freedom.

I like to produce the majority of my content on my YouTube channel. To me, nothing does a better job of communicating what it’s like to live this lifestyle better than video. That being said, there’s content better produced in text form and this website is where you’ll find articles of inspiration and information regarding remote work and travel.

I hope you find this website useful. If you’re looking for specific tips to achieve location independence for yourself, make sure to grab my free guide below.

Or to read my full story on how I left a corporate career in accounting to pursue location independence, check out my first book, ‘How I Learned to Code’

How I learned to code

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